About TagKing

TagKing is proudly 100% New Zealand owned and operated.

What and Why?
Our aim at TagKing is to help make it easier to both provide, and access, information. The TagKing system was developed to enable people to use their phone to easily access information about an item of interest by simply scanning a Tag or Label.

Our cloud solutions are available to businesses on a subscription basis, based on the criteria such as: the number of qr records required and the expected usage of the system. We are able to customize the system to suit your requirements, for example, if you wish to display your own logo and business name when a qr code is scanned, that can easily be done. Alternatively, you may wish to link the qr codes to the web resource of your choice, such as your business website, a third party cloud computing solution, or to a Facebook page.

The Tag owner can easily change what is displayed, without having to change the Tag itself. Our long-life metal Tags can be attached to, or placed near, almost any item or location of interest. Over time, if it becomes necessary to change the information displayed by the Tag, that change can be made remotely, eliminating the need to replace plaques or Tags, or visit the site where the Tag is located.

Our team wanted to create an inexpensive method for both individuals and businesses to access and share information, in a simple yet versatile way, at the location where that information is most relevant. The TagKing system was designed to enable anyone to have the ability to easily add, view, and edit the information that is presented to a user when a QR Code is scanned.

The TagKing system eliminates the need to pre-plan manufacturing and engraving, and makes it easily affordable for everyone to Tag almost any item with a versatile and editable QR Coded Tag. It can be very expensive and time consuming for an individual, or small organisation, to plan and print long-lasting laser-etched tags for identifying objects and providing information outdoors, but partnering with TagKing makes it simple.

Our Interests
The TagKing organisation is a strong supporter of the Green Dot initiative, which aims to plant enough small native forests to enable New Zealand's native birds to easily travel from the mountains to the ocean, and we have developed our systems and processes to support this initiative.

We offer schools, clubs and groups a method of fundraising that gives back to the people who generously donate. We have developed the TagKing system to support the concept of "native tree guardianship". When trees are planted and tagged, photographs and stories can be added about the trees and the people who enabled those trees to be planted. These stories can be added to or updated, at any future stage.