Environmental / Sustainability Policy

TagKing Environmental / Sustainability Policy

At TagKing, we feel strongly about protecting our natural environment and eco systems, for future generations to thrive in and enjoy.

We support the use of quality products that minimize waste. One of our aims is to eliminate hundreds of thousands of plastic tags ending up in landfill each year. We are working with businesses to roll out new and better systems to replace historical plastic ID tagging methods with longer life tagging products and methods, which have several benefits and advantages.

TagKing is predominantly a software business, and as such, our use and consumption of non-renewables is minimal. The majority of the products we supply are fully recyclable and reusable, and we encourage our customers to reuse and/or recycle where possible.

TagKing's systems and processes are constantly evolving and improving. We are always on the lookout for ways we can increase our own efficiency and also help others to improve their efficiency. Protecting and enhancing Earth's life supporting systems is very important to us, and so we actively encourage positive change.

What We Do / How We Help
One of TagKing's pet projects is supporting native tree planting campaigns. We understand the importance of native flora in supporting our native birds, insects, reptiles, marine life, etc.

We have developed our software to support the concept of "Tree Guardianship". We like to assist groups and organisations to raise funds to plant trees, by helping to form a strong guardianship / ownership bond between sponsors and their trees.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss fundraising opportunities.