Pet Tag Attachment Tips

Guidelines for Attaching Pet ID Tags

Care must be taken to ensure the longevity of your Pet ID Tag.

Please follow these tips to avoid excessive and unnecessary wear or loss of your Pet ID Tag.

Avoid collar with multiple Tags
  • 1. Attach separately
    • Avoid allowing two metal Tags to rub together.
    • Metal-on-metal contact results in unnecessary wear.
    • If you wish to have multiple Tags on the collar, it is best to attach them in separate locations. You may like to add a hole in the collar for threading the split ring.
    • Your Tag guarantee is not valid for metal-on-metal wear.

Avoid collar with multiple Tags
  • 2. Never attach a lead to the split ring of the Tag.
    • Only attach a lead to the collar's specific D-Ring.
    • Accidentally attaching a lead to a Tag's split ring will cause the split ring to tear apart.

Avoid collar with multiple Tags
  • 3. Avoid excessive "parting" of the split ring.
    • When attaching the main Tag split ring to the collar's D-Ring, or to the collar directly, avoid separating the the two sides of the split ring excessively.
    • If there is a gap between the sides of the split ring, the smaller split ring may unwind itself from the large split ring when the dog is active, resulting in the Tag being lost.

Dont wash in washing machine
  • 4. Don't Wash in Washing Machine.
    • Don't wash your dogs collar in a washing machine with the Tags attached.
    • Chemical reactions can occur between the metals, the anodized colour, and the wash powder.
    • Remove tags before washing your dog's collar.

Avoid jamming or squashing the tag.
  • 5. Avoid Stress
    • If your dog is often chained up, or has a habit of pulling on the lead, it is best to attach the tag to the collar in a way that it won't get jammed between the collar and chain or lead.

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