Attachment Alternatives

Alternative Tag Attachment Methods

For various reasons, some people wish to attach their dog's Tag to the collar in different ways.

Here are some examples that we have heard about.

Tag Attachment Alternatives - Clear Heatshrink Tube
Tag Attachment Alternatives - Clear Heatshrink Tube Individual
  • 1. Clear Heatshrink Tube
    • Inexpensive.
    • Available from electrical wholesalers and retailers, for example: Jaycar Electronics Stores.
    • Enclose Tag, or Tag and collar together.
    • Carefully heat with a hair dryer or heat gun.
    • Protects Tag, and prevents jingling noise.

Tag Attachment Alternatives - Double Attached
  • 2. Multi-point Attached
    • Drill additional holes at opposite end of the Tag.
    • Attach via the new hole/s with suitable thread / rivets / split rings / cable ties.

Tag Attachment Alternatives - Cable Tie
  • 3. Cable Tie - Secondary Connection
    • Simply thread a small cable tie through the hole in the tag and attach directly to the D-Ring or the collar.
    • Use this as well as, not instead of, the split ring.
    • This method will especially appeal to those who dislike the jingling noise that a tag can make.

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