Asset Tags

Add repair history, servicing schedule, parts info,
user manuals, location, etc.

Memorial Rose Tags

Add information and a photograph
about a loved one.

Tree Tags

Load information and a photograph
about a native tree you've planted.

Locket Tags

A dynamic, programmable version of a locket necklace. Add a photograph and message relating to a special person or occasion.

Pet ID Tags

Add a fun picture and/or important info,
about your beloved companion.

Plaque Tags

Honour a loved one
with a memorial
photo and
short biography.

The QR Code Specialists

We not only provide QR Tags and Labels, we also provide the complete Tag Management Service.

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How It Works.


Attach Your Tag

Use a suitable method to attach your tag to the item being tagged. Wire, screw or cable tie are popular methods.

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Add or Link Content

Load your information directly to the Tag page, or link the Tag to your own website or any web-related resource. It's simple. Just scan the Tag, enter the authorization code (and Batch Code if required) to edit the Tag.

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Scan The QR Code

Anyone who scans the Tag will be taken directly to the content or linked web resource that you set up in step 2.

Product Tags

Offer your customers easier access to information about the product. Help customers re-order a product, by taking them to the product ordering page of your website. Move your warranties and product information online with product tags. Better for your products, customers and the environment.

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Pet Tags

Load your contact details to your pets collar and update those details at any time. If you move house, or change your phone number, there's no need to purchase a new ID Tag. Never worry about losing your precious pet again. Anyone who finds your pet can contact you straight away.

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Tree Tags

Claim and Tag your tree when you plant a native, or Sponsor A Tree in a "Green Dot" native planting project. Support the reforestation of New Zealand. Track the history and growth of your native trees or other trees of interest. Save content and imagery that can be viewed for generations to come.

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No matter what your business is, we have a QR tag solution to solve your problems. From product sticker labels to metal tree tags and everything in between.

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Metal Tags

The most durable tag.
Guaranteed to handle the elements better than any other tag. Great for a multitude of outdoor situations.

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Adhesive Lables

The perfect QR code label for low cost, short term use or indoor situations. Ideal for enabling the easy retrieval of further information.

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Digital Tags

Traditional digital QR codes that are supplied pre-loaded into Tag King's comprehensive tag management system. Update the QR info at any time.

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