Programmable Keyring Tags

Our Keyring Tags, also known as Key Lockets, are programmable QR Code Tags, which can be updated at any time.

We can customize the resulting Tag Page to suit our clients requirements. For example: A company gifting keyrings to their staff or clients may wish too have the resulting Tag Page display their company logo, and link the logo to the business's website, as a form of active branded internet marketing.

Keyring Tag owners may wish to provide contact information, in case your keys are lost, or you may prefer to use the Key Locket as a place to store information about your vehicle, such as servicing schedule, maintenance history, or for logging or monitoring usage or parts wear.

Owners may prefer to simply add a photo of their loved ones, or favourite photo of their vehicle.

Fully programmable to display the image and text of the user's choice.

For example:

  • A photo of yourself or a loved one.
  • Any textual information you wish to make available.
  • Contact-the-owner web form.
  • GPS Location if desired.
  • Change the photo or info at any time.
Keyring QR Tags

See an example of what could be displayed when the Tag is scanned.

We love to hear about the weird and wonderful ways our customers are using their Tags, so please feel free to contact us with your story.