Long Life Metal QR Tags

Programmable, Laser Etched, Aluminium Tags

Metal Long-Life QR Tag

60mm x 40mm x 1mm

Designed for outdoor situations where longevity is crucial and easy access to information is important.

Easily manage multiple Tags with a TagKing Account.

Add a variety of information about the tagged item.

For example:

  • A photo.
  • Any textual information about the item being tagged.
  • Owner's or Tagger's contact information.
  • GPS Location of the tagged item.
  • Document changes over time.
  • Product info.
  • Re-order info.
  • Instruction Manual Link.
  • Warranty or Guarantee info.
  • Manufacturer info or link to manufacturer's website.

See an example of what could be displayed when the Tag is scanned.

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