Pet ID Tags

Programmable Laser Etched ID Tags

Photo ID For Pets

Pet Tag

Our Pet ID Tags are programmable and can be updated at any time.

You may wish to provide contact information, in case your beloved pet is found, or you may prefer to use the ID Tag as a place to store information about your pet, such as vet history, worm and flea treatment schedule, care instructions for your pet sitter, or just a fun place to create a story about your favourite animal.

Fully programmable to display the photo and text of your choice.

Designed to be attached to your pet's collar to provide easy access to important info, such as owner's contact details and any specific instructions of what a person should do if they find the animal.

For example:

  • Add any textual information that is important to you or your pet.
  • A photo of your pet, or yourself with your pet.
  • Your pets name and age.
  • Any special medical information about your pet.
  • Add your favourite memories about your beloved pet.
  • Add special moments or milestones of your pet's life.
  • Contact-the-owner web form, or your contact details.
  • Vet details.
  • GPS Location of your pet's general home area, if desired.
  • Change the photo or info at any time.
  • Add reward information if your pet goes missing (at the time only - I.e. don't advertise prior to your pet going missing that you would pay a reward).

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Pet ID Tag Size / Dimensions
Pet Tag Colours

One Size - 22mm x 36mm x 0.93mm

See an example of what could be displayed when the Tag is scanned.

We love to hear about the weird and wonderful ways our customers are using their Tags, so please feel free to contact us with your story.