QR Code Generation


TagKing can provide bulk quantities of unique "Dynamic" QR Code Images to suit your requirements. Our subscription-based model suits businesses who wish to use digital qr codes (images) only, or those wishing to engage with a printing company of their choice.

Subscription Only Option

If you have a good relationship with your own printer, and you are happy with their pricing, you may have your printer produce your Tags or Labels to be managed within the TagKing system, via a very reasonable subscription basis.

Tags and Labels

Tags and Labels can be purchased pre-printed, and your desired data can be added and modified at any time, via a batch process. This enables you to easily provide your customers or users with information that is unique to a product or item, or unique to your customer themselves.

What does "Dynamic" mean in relation to QR Codes

"Dynamic" means the information that the QR Code displays or links to can be updated at any time. See the "Dynamic" Example section to see how a dynamic QR Code can be more useful than a fixed one.

"Dynamic" Example

A supplier prints a label for a product, which when scanned, links to the supplier's website. Later, the supplier decides to display a product re-ordering page instead. The supplier may simply log in to the TagKing system and edit the QR Code relating to the product. Any subsequent scans will display the specific re-ordering information.

Data Tracking and Analytics

Analytics Tracking Data is available for all QR Code products within the TagKing system.

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