QR Code Management


TagKing provide a Cloud-based QR Code management system that allows users to manage large or small numbers of QR Code Tags, Labels and Images.

Because our system is "Cloud-based", you never have to bother installing an App or updating software. Just use your phone's camera or QR Code scanner, and a web browser where necessary.

Subscription Only Option

If you have a good relationship with your current printing company, and you are happy with their pricing, you can ask them to produce your Tags or Labels and manage the related information within the TagKing system. You'll find our subscription based pricing very cost effective.

Subscribe vs Purchase

Contact us to discuss which model best suits your purpose. We offer SaaS (Software as a Service) which is a subscription based model, and we also have one-time purchase model, where there is a set fee for the use of our software for a fixed number of QR Codes. Either way, you are in control of generating and printing your own QR Codes.

Dynamic QR Tags

In the QR Code world, "Dynamic" means "always updatable". You are able to update your Tag data at any time. This allows you to change the information that is displayed when the QR code is scanned, or change where the QR Code links to.

Data Tracking and Analytics

Analytics Data Tracking capability is built in for all QR Code products within the TagKing system, and we can make that available to you on a case by case basis, depending on your specific requirements.

Tags and Labels

Tags and Labels can be purchased pre-printed, and your desired data can be added and modified at any time. This solves the problem of having to pre-organize specific web pages, files, or other information that you wish to use the Tag or Label to display.

Contact Us today to discuss how TagKing can provide a solution specific to your requirements.